Cavitation cellulite reduction slimming machines are popular recently.111

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    Cavitation cellulite reduction slimming machines are popular recently.

    Nowadays, the daily diet of the people in most of the countries are not healthy to some extent. They are getting more and more fat into their mouth, stomach and then into their whole body. The number of the over-weight people is raising up at high speed. We should pay more attention to the obesity problem than ever before. Actually, the most healthy and effective way of losing weight is keeping healthy diet and doing exercises. But most of the people are busy doing their jobs or cannot keeping the same way of living. This is why the cavitation cellulite reduction slimming machine is created. This is a kind of non-invasive treatment for losing weight when you are just lying on the bed relaxing. Everyone enjoys it and welcome such new cellulite reduction way.


    The obesity means a certain extent overweight and fatness layer overdepth, it is fatness in the body, especial is caused by the triglyceride accumulation too much. The obesity can be devided into two, Single Obesity and Secondary Obesity. Normall we see the former. Single Obesity occupies 99% in the obesity, we cannot find what causes the single obesity. In medicine, it is alos named Primary Obesity. It maybe relevant to Descendiblity, foods, sporting habits. So called S Secondary Obesity, that is caused by some healthy problems, that is to say, we can source the reasons of Secondary Obesity. It occupies 1% in the obesity, can be classified into Hypothalamus Obesity, Pituitary Obesity, Hypothyroidism Obesity, Cushing’s Syndrome Obesity, Gonad Functonal Retardation Obesity etc, separately caused by the thalamencephalon, pituitary, hypothyroid and gonad diseases. Among them. Mostly Cushing’s Syndrome Obesity, Hypothyroidism Obesity happen to the adults, Hypothalamus Obesity always to the children, which is caused by the craniopharyngioma.

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