Hair removal, pigmentation treatment, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, improve vascular lesions,

Hair removal. Unwanted hair for all body (growth phase hair), include light color tiny hair.

Improve pigmented skin: Freckles, sunburn spots, age spots, acne scars, facial blemish, hyper pigmentation.

Skin rejuvenation: coarse pore, Oil secretion abnormal, improve acne and color skin, fine wrinkle, black eye, restore skin elasticity, renewed radiance.

Improve vascular lesions: vascular lesions and flush.

1.Safety in clinics: Patented pure gold-wave filtering technology to remove harmful light, no side effect

2.Effectiveness: Can solve many kinds of skin problems

3.Easy operation: micro-computer control, easy to operate

4.Gentle enough for all body treatment, no side effects

5.Contact cooling system adjustable from -5°C to 4°C, makes the treatment more comfortable

6.User friendly interface, touch screen, easy to operate



Energy Density

Max 35 J/cm2

Pulse Duration

From 3-8 ms

Pulse Number

From 2-3

Pulse Delay

From 5-50 ms

Spot Size

8 mm x 40 mm

Fast Move Frequency

1-5 Hz

Cooling Tip Temperature



220VAC, 10 A, 50/60 Hz


58.5cm x 70.5cm x 128cm

OPT perfect pulse is mainly using the unique broad spectrum light pulse adsorb energy released by laser through the skin melanin, hemoglobin, especially water, produce photo-thermal effect as well as make it into heat. 

Let the energy precise location to the target tissue by TOF technology, thus stimulate the fibrocyte and other stroma cell of dermis to produce new collagen, elastin and all kinds of inter cellular matrix.

Also, come into organization reconstruction, hereby radically resolve various skin pigmentation problem, makes the skin whiter and smoother and lighter.