HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound), also known as Ulthera. As the name suggests, it focuses on ultrasound
by using a focused method, which its focusing on the heat put high-intensity ultrasound into the 4.5mm SMAS.
1. Pulling and tightening cheeks skin
2. Improving the chin line, reducing marionette lines
3. Improving the skin, make the skin delicate, shiny
4. Removing neck wrinkles, preventing neck aging
5. Improving skin elasticity and contour
6. Tightening the forehead skin tissue, enhancing the eyebrow line
7. Eliminate wrinkles on the forehead, eyes and around lips
1. The optimal temperature protection
2. The most accurate depth
3. Technical orientation, accurate and reliable
4. Safe and non-invasive
5. Multiple therapeutic probes, role of multiple parts
1. The heat produced by HIFU technology can effectively stimulate collagen self-proliferation, then it’s elastic protein
can make the skin more flexible.
2. In addition, the heat HIFU emitted can make SMAS, muscles and skin tightening, to achieve the effect of facial
contour lifting.
Taking advantage of high-energy focusing of ultrasonic wave, the energy is focused precisely on 3.0mm depth of 
collagen layer and 4.5mm of fascia layer, the highly focused energy produces plenty of heat to increase the deep 
skin temperature to 65-70°C, stimulating the focused SMAS to produce clotting protein reaction, creating 
tension force all around centered on the clotting point while beginning to re-create collagen to lift the elasticity 
of SMAS with the double effects in order to remove wrinkle on the whole face.